MEMORY "Is a house, and simultaneously a factory of diffuse illumination, a refuge for the creativity of a young artist, deeply involved and of strong activity. Few forms, few colors and textures, elementary resources, intense spaciousness". Arq. Titular Prof. - Marcelo Danza (Publication dEspacio 02- 9/2005) Is the house and factory of the Uruguayan Plastic Artist Alejandro Turell; it is located in the neighbourhood Punta Carretas of Montevideo between a preexisting residential architecture, urbanly consolidated and of strong charactic of neighbourhood. The organization is in three levels (above, the Factory/in an intermediate level, livingroom diningroom kitchen/and down stairs the bedrooms): a yard to the front and a yard to the bottom. The work is made up with "masses that float" on different scales and materialities, that are articulating/creating the different places within the place.”

House-Workshop IBIRAY | “finalist work in the VI Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, Lisbon | Portugal 2008”  Program: House-Workshop // Location: Ibiray 2292 | Montevideo | Uruguay // Architecture: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Marcelo Bednarik Soares | Ana Maggioli Giosa // Project Managers: Arch. Federico Mirabal Pietra // Responsible project: Arch. Ana Maggioli Giosa // Consultants:  Magnone I Pollio engineers civiles | Sosa Eléctrica | Richero Sanitaria // Dates: project-2003 | Construction-2004 // Built area: 155 m2