MEMORY DENSITY SHIFTS stone l sand l glass... -The reinterpretation of ancient resources like the green slope and the stone construction, with the brief, and the singularities and potentialities of the site, are conjugated within a vision of domesticity in contemporary key. Like in a topologic game, the masses -the stone refuge, the high terrace and the service module in wood- articulate the spatial relations within the site and help the space to project out of its limits. Meanwhile the space under the grass roof melts with the outside by the glass openings, the stone volume with its heaviness and materiality reinforce its condition of shelter.

Vivienda Arch. Rifa g 96 | “concurso de arquitectura | 1er Premio” Program: Two houses of season // Location: Parada 37, Denere y Virgo Streets | Punta del Este | Uruguay // Architecture: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Marcelo Bednarik Soares // Project Managers: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Marcelo Bednarik Soares // Responsible project: Arch. Luis Zino // Collaborators: Gabriel Enrich | Zino arq. asesor g 96 // Consultants:  Magnone I Pollio engineers civiles // Construction: Rubio Ritorni srl // Dates: project-2001 | Construction-2002 2003 // Built area: 190 m2 // Land area: 430 m2