MEMORY Between water and land ...... Between the strength of the water and the strength of the land, Villa Paami is born. The idea is to combine the conveniences of the best resort of the island with the cultural richness of a local private home, blending traditional local style with contemporary design, “the resort seems to be done without an a Architect” Roofs in Wood for the villas, alang alangs, on the beach, everything has been thought in full compliance with the vernacular construction techniques. Villa Paami is like a “home away from home” a really private space in a totally different location, uniquely positioned at Coral Beach with more than 80 metres of the sea shore, Villa Paami creates a unique experience in Trawangan, an exclusive villa concept with an intimate atmosphere, private Jacuzzi, fresh water swimming pools, outdoor bathrooms, aromatics gardens, spa and special pavilions like, yoga, chromo therapy, massage, tea, flowers, body treatment and a private restaurant on the beach.

Boutiques Villas Paami Program: Hotel Boutique, resort, spa // Location: Trawangan | Indonesia // Architecture: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Marcelo Bednarik Soares | Ana Maggioli Giosa // Project Managers: Arch. Federico Mirabal Pietra // Collaborators: Patricia Miranda | HMOZ arquitectura // Dates: project-2008-2009 // Built area: 2300m2