MEMORY STONE, WATER, WIND, SILENCE Water and wind are imposed by evolving nature of events occurring ephemeral landscape of perception. STONE plays the three-dimensional wall of containment, protection, protection of soil and rock from the Rambla. The silence imposed the omnipresent infinite landscape. STONE, WATER, WIND, SILENCE, affirmative syntax of the elementary and simple: ESSENTIAL AND ACCURATE, this conceptual approach URBAN AREA ONE, subjects in ways that link their dimensionality technique to encapsulate recurrent poetic and transcendent by its mere essentiality. Theatre, "Hall", a place that continually puts value "horizontal" of simple geometric shapes and materials but poor accuracy for these forms.

Square Break wáter Sarandí | “public bidding contest | 1st prize” Program: Plaza | Acondicionamiento Urbano // Location: Sarandí y Rambla 25 de Agosto | Montevideo | Uruguay // Architecture: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Marcelo Bednarik Soares | Ulises Torrado Dieguez // Project Managers: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra |Marcelo Bednarik Soares | Ulises Torrado Dieguez // Collaborators: Germán Arismendi |María Laura Comesaña |Lucia Faccio | González |Patricia Miranda | Sofía Segredo // Consultants:  Galante lighting | Tacme Construction // Dates: project february 2005