DIAMANTE BRAVA BUILDING From the analysis of the site and lot characteristics, the programmatic requirements, and building regulations, the possibility of organizing the building enrolled in a recognizable geometric figure, and high impact like the isosceles triangle, allowing a maximum use of programmatic conditions. This idea is very powerful in terms of the formal possibilities that give their "basic organization." Typologically it seeks to exploit the most of the guidelines and views of the "oceanic corridor" through the consolidated immediate surroundings.

Diamante Brava Building Program: House // Location: Punta del Este | Maldonado | Uruguay // Architecture: OAP arquitectos // Project Managers: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Patricia Miranda Giagnacovo | Germán Arismendi Quondamatteo // Collaborators: Germán Irazusta | Guillermo Larrea | Maxiomiliano García Vairo // Consultants:  Magnone | Pollio civil engineers // Projected area: 13000 m2