CONCEPTUAL MEMORY It is the creation of an area / city, which structure in the sector on the San José street, it proposes the use of a speed of 5km/hora ensuring a "gain" of the street sector as "articulation" of the public areas of the building. In an area of ​​limited morphology, seeks to use the maximum ocupation factor, a building that uses to re-compose the urban structure, claiming his own character on it to ensure that it makes "back" of the existing object, generating a base that operates in terms of continuity of the Executive Tower.

Chronos building Program: House // Location: Punta del Este | Maldonado | Uruguay // Architecture: OAP arquitectos // Project Managers: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Patricia Miranda Giagnacovo | Ana Maggioli Giosa // Responsible project: Arch. Federico Mirabal Pietra |A_Arch. Carlos García Pereira // Collaborators: Germán Irazusta | Guillermo Larrea | Maximiliano García // Consultants:  Estructura: Magnone - Pollio Ingenieros Civiles, Térmico | Eléctrico : Estudio Barbot Rocha Sanitaria : Adolfo Ahlers - Sergio De Leon, Lumínico: Carlos Galante, Ingeniaría de detalle : Arch. Fernando Barral, Mensura: Ing. Sergio Bonilla  // Dates: project 2012 // Built area: 16.000m2