The topographical ribbons also recreate the skyline of the mountains, its ordered spaces and routes and give warning signal from the distant view of the territorial link to the system from the edge of “lungo” lake, close and continuous that the new and different landscape. The importance of recovering the public promenade on the lake in the section is highlighted, not only as a qualifier of the campsite itself, but as urban suture operation. As a connector of the existing sections, the proposed route behind the Yacht Club, operating within the limits of the competition ensures the continuity of the “lungo” lake perimeter system "edge ride" on a larger scale.


MEMORY The existing macro scale logic of the land and soil as a project material, in topographic key. Space, shapes, volumes (consisting of the slopes and folds that are proposed) everything is solved and organized from the geometrization of the existing land, from the topographic folds proposed to respond to the topography and existing trees, to the masses of the winds and the sun; everything from detail, street furniture…since the semi- spaces that are created within the campsite to the buildings, to the swimming pool and sports east corner, everything is articulated by these ground movements treats as project material with an essential and tactile quality. So this proposal architecture without "noise" contributes to the "silence" imposed by nature as a theater to perception and use of leisure as a setter. ... Keep reading +

International contest Bardolino | “international contest | 1st Prize” Program: Architecture | Public Space | Landscape // Location: Lago di Garda | Comune di Bardolino | Verona | Italia // Architecture: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra (Uy), Michele Adami (It), Carolina Vescovo (It), Ing. Leonardo Tezza, (It)  // Project Managers: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra (Uy), Miquele Adami (It), Carolina Vescovo (It), Ing. Leonardo Tezza (It)  // Responsible project: Arch. Michele Adami // Collaborators: Arch. Martínez Ciasullo (it), Bachs. Giuseppe Ragni (it), Patricia Miranda (Uy), Maximiliano García Vairo (Uy) // Consultants:  Ing. Leonardo Tezza  Promoter: Comune di Bardolino- Italia Budget: 3.000.000 U$S // Dates: Proyecto 2009/2010 | Work planned 2010/2011/2012 // Proyect area: 32000 m2