The instrumental strategy is an urban architecture, while urban is more than a spatial assessment tool, and a proposal for the dialogue and the symbol; considering the resource as an "opportunity" of a new urban situation through an impact operation that transcends its own condition. It is perceived from the great hall of the existing building and visual spatial continuity at two scales: at the hall as the hall of the tower, and visually superior to the triple-height space that recreates transparencies face of the old building. Also, the object takes the value of sign from the opposite territories of the Bay: Bella Vista, Capurro, La Teja, Cerro and access facilities.


Memoria:The Square - The Tower. The proposal points to a scenario of affirmation of dialectics - of long standing- as to the unavoidable urban condition of the architecture, and the equally inescapable condition of the urban architectural The proposed square, which is support and rationale for the proposal, develops a "friendly" and "generous" relationship with the "old fort" and with an austerity of language that today re-semanticizes the representation of the old building, generating a neutral and contemporary dialog. The project necessarily is part of the re-generation of urban edge which is trying to reconcile the city with the port, which according of logistics activity that develops today, in terms of "city” may have compromised aspects of visibility, because their formal logics. ... Keep reading +

contest ofl banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay | “1st mention” Program: Institutional | offices // Location: Montevideo | Uruguay // Architecture: Archs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Ulises Torrado Dieguez | Marcelo Bednarik Soares | Alejandra Bruzzone // Collaborators: Germán Arismendi | Victoria Bidegain | Maximiliano García | Carolina González |Guillermo Larrea |Ignacio Mastalli | Patricia Miranda // Consultants:  Acond. Lighting: Carlos Galante | Tec.II acond. Thermal: ing. Luis Lagomarsino acond. Electric: Ing. Felipe Burgueño acond. Natural: Arq.Alicia Picción acond. Sanitario: Tec. Sanit. Pablo Richero Estructure: Ings. Magnone-Pollio Landscape: Paisajista Florencia Sarille // Dates:  2009 // Built area: 30.000m2