Pavilion Project Uruguay _13 Biennial of Venice exhibition 2012The pavilion, neutral and representative condenses in an abstract volume, simple and substantial, which highlights the weight of the matter. This horizontal piece contains in its simplicity, under the roof of an outdoor space, smooth and totally open and integrated the summer promenade of the Venetian garden allowing multiple options of armed through roller panels contained in the plaque thickness. Above it, by small movements of different levels creates a small dry square as a high pedestal that generates a second level of use which doubles the exhibition area and suggests a pause in the general tour through the forest, bringing the presence of water from the channel and the Adriatic as direct references. As the volume which establishes a dialogue with the nearby works of Carlo Scarpa, Sverre Fhenn and Alvar Aalto, "The red ceibo” it does the same with other trees in the garden and symbolically with Uruguay.

XII Muestra Internacional de Arquitectura, Bienal de Venecia 2012 | “Panavisión: prácticas diversas, miradas comunes” Program: Project Pabellon Uruguay // Location: Le Giardini | Venecia | Italia // Architecture: OAP arquitectos // Project Managers: Arqs. Federico Mirabal Pietra | Marcelo Bednarik Soares // Collaborators: Arq. Patricia Miranda Giagnacovo | Bachs. German Irazusta de Vargas | Guillermo Larrea Paez | Enrique Book Rodriguez | Giannina Ceruti Roascio